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PedaYoga in my school.

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PedaYoga in my school.

Training program for the educational professionnels in school setting

​Educate - Inspirer - Guide

Transforme your class room!

Version en francais

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​***PLEASE NOTE : PRICE CHANGE for coorporate training JANVIER 2017***

​*895$ for 8 participants and *75$ for all registration after 8.

PedaYoga offers tools to help with  kids cognitif, emotionnel et physiological developpement. the program aims to intergrate alternative methods in education that increase the kids capacity to concentrat and retention of knowledge.

With the PedaYoga program, adultes and kids learn:

  • Basic techniques how to magage transition in class.

  • Postures to give way to better concentration.

  • Techniques to impower kids to better manage their emotions, stress levels and lower anxiety.

  • Can be use to do daily physical activity as you a increasing self awerness.



An approach that has made its mark!

Since 2008, moore than 4000 teacher/educators use the PedaYoga approach.  We offrer a program that is complet:

  • Staff training (in class or on our web base educational platform)

  • To better your knowledge we come in your class to transfers tips and tricks.

  • Continuss coaching throught or website and monthly e-newsletter.

  • Workshop and conference to invole the parents in teaching them techinques for homework and so much moore.

Discover this program that was created by a teacher for her daugther with special needs!

The steps to the Pedayoga in my school program:

  1. 3 hours in class or online training
  2. In class desmontration with the students ( in class or virtual)
  3. 6 week intergration/followup program with educational material
  4. Evaluation of the impact on your class and its management

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