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Ariane Gouault

Ariane Gouault

Ariane Gouault, has been passionate about sharing her knowledge since she taught her first swimming and skiing classes at age 16. After graduating and working in specialized education something was missing...she went on to graduate as an Occupational Therapy technician. Again something was missing….As a military wife and a mom, she moved around a lot and combined her two passion; physical and cognitive development, to create Kangourou Fitness. This offered programs for families specializing in children’s cognitive, emotional and physical development. The loop was finally complete. Or was it? In 2009 she discovered PedaYoga that in bodied everything she stood for. Now a trainer and official partner with PedaYOGA inc. She has traveled across Canada to share her passion and mission to transform the education system, armed with a holistic approach that uses yoga as a main tool.


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