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Our mission

Our PedaYoga mission:  Integrating yoga into the children educational system to help their development in concentration and stimulate their learning!

PedaYoga is a simple program of mind-body techniques designed to promote movement and the concentration of children. PedaYoga provides tools and advice so that our children can learn while becoming aware of their well-being.


PedaYoga is a method that helps children :

  • develop their concentration;
  • promote their well-being;
  • build their self-esteem;
  • become aware of their bodies;
  • and help them sleep better.


The team of PedaYoga animators :

  • Places the child, the school staff and family environment at the heart of their activities,
  • Inspires people to live their lives with the presence of mind and authenticity,
  • Creates its network while animating,
  • Chooses to live their dreams of a career at their own pace, a rich and creative educational life,
  • Shares ideas, expertise and enthusiasm,
  • Offers others the chance to live an exciting life, to leave a foot print, to make a difference,
  • Grows and progresses every day with other people on the path they chose.


We believe that these team values give a chance to live our everyday passion and brings us to live fully and allow us to become a great asset for PedaYoga, and rewarding for children.

PedaYoga is for parents, teachers, educators, speakers who wish to use an alternative approach to education and offer inspiring tools for children.



Who is behind this concept?

It is as a teacher at the elementary and preschool that France Hutchison began her classes. Educator by training, she is primarily a mother. Mother of a child with difficulties and she was told that her child could never function normaly in society. When society and the education system lets you down, you have to find the strength to act. Then a mother decided to create PedaYoga to provide a better future for her daughter.

PedaYoga is specifically designed to promote concentration, learning and relaxation for children.

With more than 20 000 adults who care about the education of children, PedaYoga is broadcasted all over the world! We have sold over 10 000 books in French and now we continue to see our collection of tools grow and being translated into other languages.

We have over 4 000 trained activity facilitators and more than a dozen certified trainers. We continue to expand our PedaYoga community!

Together we will succeed in making a difference in children lifes!

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